my work

My name is Dina. L`Di projeсts are my creative projects through which I express my inner world and convey my feelings and love for beauty.

I design and render interiors and exteriors, present them in 3-D panoramas, create author's panels and implement them in my interiors. Transforming another space, I completely dissolve in it, plunging into its atmosphere. A well-executed design project brings me satisfaction and desire to move on.

My works

my life

I really like to draw, dance, play sports and write a little poetry (in russian)... Work is an integral part of my life, which brings me great pleasure. The result of my projects, when all the puzzles come together and all the dots over the "i" are placed, gives me a feeling of happiness that fate gave me the opportunity to make this world more beautiful at least in this way. My credo is to live and breathe beauty, to fill everything I touch with it.